Sad and Deep Quotes in Urdu

Sad and deep quotes in Urdu stand out as striking representations of profound emotions in Urdu literature. These statements, which are only a few words long, have the ability to touch readers deeply by capturing the breadth of human emotions. These lines, which have a tradition in Urdu poetry, have endured the test of time and left a lasting impression on both literature and the human psyche.

Exploring the world of Sad and deep quotes in Urdu reveals that their main objective is to express the complexities of feelings. These deep quotes are emotional expression tools, covering topics such as existential thoughts on life, the difficulties of love, and the weight of heartbreak. Their effect is profoundly psychological as well as linguistic, establishing a link between the reader’s emotions and the author’s feelings.

Sad and Deep Quotes in Urdu with images

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Sad and deep quotes in Urdu
Zubaan Se Maaf Karnay Main Waqt Nahin Lagta 
Dil Se Maaf Karnay Main Umrain Guzar Jati Hain
Sad and deep quotes in Urdu
Zindagi Ne Aik Chez Zaror Sikhae Hai 
Aik Apnay Main Khush Rehna Aik Dosron Se Koi Umeed Mat Rakhna
new deep and sad quotes in urdu
is zamāne meñ na ho kyūñkar hamārā dil udaas
dekh kar ahvāl-e-ālam uḌte jaate haiñ havās
new deep and sad quotes in urdu
Jo Log Sabar Rakhtay Hain Ya To Wo Jeet Jatay Hain Ya Phr Seekh Jatay Hain
sad and deep quotes in urdu for alone girls
be-nām sā ye dard Thahar kyuuñ nahīñ jaatā
jo biit gayā hai vo guzar kyuuñ nahīñ jaatā
sad and deep quotes in urdu for alone girls
baray nazddek sai anjaan ban kar guzra hai
woh jo door sai pechan lia karta tha
 sad quotes in urdu
ab to ye bhī nahīñ rahā ehsās
dard hotā hai yā nahīñ hotā
deep quotes in urdu
mire laboñ kā tabassum to sab ne dekh liyā
jo dil pe biit rahī hai vo koī kyā jaane
sad quotes in urdu
Dard ko muskura kr sehna kya seekh liya
sab nay samjh liya mujhay takleef hi nahi hoti
deep sad quotes in urdu
Dubna hi parta hy ubharny kay liye
Guhrub hony ka matlab zawal nahi hota
sad deep quotes in urdu
Kabhi hawa to kabhi khaq reh gazar hona
Mery naseeb may likha tha dar badar hona

Sad Poetry in Urdu

Urdu sad poetry is beautiful because it can convey the indescribable and provide comfort and understanding to people who find comfort in words. Explore the collection of sad poetry in Urdu.

ساحر لدھیانوی
علامہ اقبال
فرحت احساس
آزاد انصاری
آلوک مشرا

Munir Niazi Nazm Hamesha Der Kar Deta Hun

Munir Niazi Nazm Hamesha Der Kar Deta Hun
منیر نیازی


In conclusion, Sad and Deep Quotes in Urdu reveal a spectrum of feelings that surpass linguistic and cultural barriers. Their continued significance in the present era attests to the everlasting strength of human emotions conveyed by linguistic skill.

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